Episode 003: Ashley Freeman of Don't Die Afraid

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We're back with the third episode of Millennial Wellness!! This interview was definitely one of my favorites! Ashley Freeman is such an amazing woman who is super passionate about mental health & was generous enough to be really transparent in our interview. Here are some of the gems that she shared during the interview. 

Gems From My Convo with Ashley

  • it's so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that is social media
  • our generation has to deal with people stuntin' on the 'gram, fakin' the funk on facebook, & looking amazing on SnapChat that we begin to question our own amazingness and start to feel self-conscious about our own journey in life.
  • Once a week Ashley tweets out some supportive gems with the hashtag #MentalHealthCheckIn and checks in with her Twitter family to see how everyone is doing. Join in whenever you want!
  • #BlackMentalHealthMatters is a social media movement that highlights the impact that mental health has on the Black community. The stigma of mental health within the Black community is really strong and hinders many from seeking the help that they so desperately need.
  • Ashley recommended this book Start Where You Are
  • Ashley's 3 tips on how to take control of their mental health & start practicing good mental hygiene:
  1.  Get to know yourself

  2. Develop coping skills

  3. Build a support system

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